Discover why people all over the world
are enjoying a membership with
Melaleuca Wellness Company

The Video Presentation below
takes less than 10 minutes
to view. You will discover why it
is a "SMART" and Common Sense
decision to become a preferred customer
with Melaleuca Wellness Company.

Seriously !!! Everyone should be
a member of Melaleuca to be able
to shop at deep discounts directly from
the factory for high quality consumable
goods for your home and personal use
that are BETTER, COST LESS per use,
and are SAFER then the Store Brands.



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Benefits of becoming a Preferred Customer
Video is only 9 minutes

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Founder and CEO Frank Vandersloot Tells about Company
Video is only 4 minutes  


Here are some bullets on what makes this company
stand out and why it makes so much sense to be at 
least a customer or better yet, a business builder.....
Definition of Business Builder: "Customer
who refers others to the company"

  • Consumer Direct Marketing Company and not MLM... 
    Melaleuca really is different from the others...
  • 26 years of positive growth and experience
  • Incredible and Honest Leadership (High Moral Values)
  • There are NO Distributors...  we don't sell products to people..
  • They own patents, manufacture, bottle, and ship their
    product line from their own factory... 
    not 3rd party...
  • There are about 350 products to offer individuals ... 
    Meaning it is easy for customers to find things they use and love on a regular basis (daily).
  • Melaleuca products are BETTER, COST LESS, and are
    than nearly ALL store brands... 
  • Melaleuca pays us for referring other customers to the company and they pay us VERY WELL.... 
  • Concept is much like joining Sams, Costco, and BJs.  
    we are members of a
    buying club ... 
    [CDM] Consumer Direct Marketing

  • Everyone deals direct with the company and orders by
    800 number (catalog) or by logging into
    and using the online shopping cart. 

  • Melaleuca provides your customers with literature, specials
    every month, discounts, coupons, free products from time to time and seasonal catalogs at no extra.

  • Melaleuca provides your customers with the
    very best customer support
    found in the
    entire marketing industry... 
    2nd to NONE
  • Melaleuca backs ALL their products with
    100% satisfaction (money back) guarantee

  • Melaleuca products are awesome and most
    members really do
    fall in love with them.
  • During past 26 years, Melaleuca customers have maintained a 95% reorder rate so retention is very good.
    note: some builders have group retention closer to 98% when presented right and we teach our customers about the value of our products.
  • Melaleuca collected and contributed over $1 Million for
    Katrina victims
    in Louisiana.

  • People of all ages are building very successful businesses
    with Melaleuca and especially the baby boomers.. 
  • 78 Million Baby boomers are now reaching retirement
    and seeking help in what Melaleuca offers...  

    improved Health and Finances.. 

  • This is producing record growth and momentum stag
    after 20 years in business....  below was six years ago
    and today 2011 we are doing more than a Billion / Yr.

  • Click on this growth Chart to see the info about our growth... 

            Click Chart to View Details
      chart from 2007
    click chart to view

    Melaleuca passed a BILLION dollars annual during 2011.  

  • Melaleuca now already owns debt free a factory and shipping
    facility that can handle future growth into the Billions per year

      This is one of many buildings owned by Melaleuca that makes up
    1,000,000 sq. feet for all locations in US and international.   This shipping center in Idaho Falls, ID is over 100,000 SF in Size and can handle orders and projected growth for years to come. 

    NOTE: since the above was put on this page, A new center for the Eastern US and Canada was built in Knoxville TN. This center is over 220,000 SF at a cost of over $21 Million to build. It has been in operation 2 years now and can handel up to $2 BILLION a year in filling orders for the East.
    Melaleuca is DEBT FREE and has paid cash for all expansions and operations.

  • We offer products and services that people are already using
    and they don't have to spend NEW MONEY.. 
    or change habits
  • The average home in America already contains 100
    products that could be purchased from Melaleuca and
    shipped UPS to their door.

  • People who use our supplements are enjoying a better
    quality of health and spending less on doctors and hospitals...
  • People who use our supplements are finding they feel better,
    sleep better, and are seldom if ever sick...  
  • People who switch their homes over to toxin free
    Melaleuca products are discovering improved
    health of their children.. 
    including asthma and A.D.D.
  • Our skin products have helped thousands
    with skin problems...
  • Our exclusive and patented ProStolic is
    helping people lower blood pressure


When it comes to cardiovascular health, healthy blood flow
doesnít always get the most attention, but it is a crucial
component of total heart health. According to the National
Institutes of Health, healthy blood pressure should be a
priority for one in three Americans (over 65 million). 
Maintaining healthy blood pressure will allow you to live
a healthier life with your family and loved ones. There are
some simple ways to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels,
including eating healthy and exercising.  But for many, that
may not be enough. That is why Melaleuca created ProStolic
to protect your heartónaturally*.

  • Our exclusive and patented Heart health products
    is helping
    cut down the risk of heart attacks and strokes
    and lowering cholesterol levels

  • Look at these stats on our patented Phytomega

The Perfect Marriage of Phytosterols and Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Phytomegaís plant-derived phytosterols mimic cholesterol in your body.
Phytosterols effectively block your bodyís absorption of cholesterol in the
intestine. In this way, your body absorbs less cholesterol, so less cholesterol
enters your bloodstream. The unabsorbed cholesterol safely passes out of
your body as waste. By lowering cholesterol levels, Phytomega helps
reduce your risk of heart disease.

  • People who attended convention during 2006 plugged into our (weight loss system) and by 1 year lost a
    tractor trailer truck load of FAT.. 
    that is over 30 TONS of FAT!

    Click to Take a Tour of the VFL Website by Melaleuca
                          Click the Graphic to View Melaleuca's VFL Website


  • People who use our cleaning products and laundry
    products are helping the environment and building
    a stronger immune system for their family.


  • People who use our skin and personal care
    products are having less skin problems and
    enjoying better appearance.


        Click Bottle to VIEW MOVIE   This best skin lotion in the world

  • There are many added benefits that members receive that
    they don't expect like zero closing cost on mortgages, and
    discounts on shopping online at over 600 popular companies, meds, credit cards, cell phone service and the list goes on.


  • Now Melaleuca even has quality and value in the food group
    such as healthy and delicious snacks, cookies, and
    hot and cold breakfast cereals.

  • Melaleuca has teamed up with General Electric and now offers
    one of the best home security systems available.  The features
    exceed what most systems offer, the monitoring service and the basic system is priced way below national averages and there are many new and wonderful options such as video cameras, iphone control and monitoring and the ability to arm and disarm your system from your key chain.


The list of very positive benefits can go on and on and this is why hundreds of thousands of members have been pleased about this company.

We have made some great lifetime friendships and really do believe that you can create a lifetime and generational income with Melaleuca and not worry about the company or opportunity going away.

Now is really a great time to join Melaleuca even if just as a customer to enjoy safe and effective products in your home that will enhance your lifestyle.

Anyone in America or 12 other countries can become a preferred customer and shop Melaleuca monthly at member discounted prices of 30% to 40% off retail.    The membership is only a one time amount of $29 US and last a lifetime if you continue to shop at Melaleuca.   It is not necessary to keep paying $29 each year similar to Sams Club or Costco and those buying clubs charge even more than that annually. Join now and ask about your $100 credit for free products.

    By allowing us to share the details with you about our company and membership benefits, you will discover why over 1 million people from around the world have joined.  Also, you will learn how you can passively build a strong second income or even surpass your primary income as many others have done.   Our support team will even help you succeed. One primary benefit we all have in joining is getting better products at a better price and improving our health with the marvelous toxin free safe products made exclusive by Melaleuca corporation.

We look forward to hearing back from you and hope we can team up or at least you will try our membership for your own health, savings and benefits. Also get free products.